In mid-April upon the Lent The OMEGA Company held the educational seminar for dealers at the premises of its own Technical Center. Over 40 dealers from various regions of Russia and CIS countries participated in the seminar. 

ТЦОмега семинар 2017 04 1819 232

Seminar 2017 8

Dealers and employees of GK OMEGA attended an interesting lecture on “Food additives and ingredients for meat products” held by prof. Semyonova A.A., the vice Scientific Director, Doctor of Engineering, graduate of MAX, expert of the RAS. 

Seminar 2017 5

Our guests also enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the executive director of Union of Food Ingredients Manufacturers, Doctor of Science Semenova P.A. about current developments in Technical Regulations TR TS 029/2012 and the aspects of food ingredients labeling as part of food products.  

Seminar 2017 6

The presentations were generally accompanied by degustation. 

Seminar 2017 1

Seminar 2017 2

Seminar 2017 3

Seminar 2017 4

Considering the fact that the seminar was held immediately before the spring-summer period known to be the season of semi-finished products for grilling (barbeque) our specialists developed a new range of Clean Label Eco marinades. 

clean label

The “barbeque” season involves an increased consumption of marinated kebabs produced from pork, beef, lamb and poultry.  And surely our free from E-codes marinades shall become the major success factor among eutrophy-oriented consumers 

ТЦОмега семинар 2017 04 1819 260

The range of sauces for HoReCa was introduced and tasted for the first time ever at the seminar.  

ТЦОмега семинар 2017 04 1819 366

ТЦОмега семинар 2017 04 1819 375

ТЦОмега семинар 2017 04 1819 422

Degustation and presentation of Confectionary Department

ТЦОмега семинар 2017 04 1819 429

ТЦОмега семинар 2017 04 1819 453

And the last, but not the least, traditional delivery of Certificates of Participation.  

Seminar 2017 7