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OMEGA Group of Companies is a domestic manufacturer of ingredients for the food industry, certified according to ISO and HACCP standards. The range of products is based on flavor and multifunctional blends for meat, fish, food-concentrates, dairy and fat-and-oil industries. The plant is equipped with manufacturing laboratories and Research and Development Centre intended for the adaptation and design of blends. The plant was opened in June, 2003. Today the OMEGA plant is a modern facility. All products are manufactured with equipment of the leading producers.Production is certified by auditing company SGS and has undergone a number of audits by major domestic manufacturers and leading multinational corporations.



Quality Management System complying with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 and НАССР Safety Management System are implemented and supported.

One of the main principles of plant operation is constant quality control at each production stage, including all the intermediate technological operations. The control is carried out by the manufacturing laboratory that comprises physico-chemical, microbiological and chromatographic departments. The laboratory is certified according to the certification system of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation. All products have sanitary-hygienic certificates and certificates of conformity. Authorized certifying body and local agencies of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumers' Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) conduct product quality and safety control on a regular basis.

Guaranteed GMO free
GMO Free

The Company was one of the first in Russia to implement the "Guaranteed GMO Free" program as far back as August 2006. Since that time all products offered in the market by Omega Group are marked as free from any genetically modified objects (GMO). This statement is based on the multistage quality control system implemented at the plant which allows monitoring of GMO absence in incoming raw materials and finished products.

Halal Approved

In June 2010, the production subdivision of OMEGA Group received certification for the conformity of production technology and used raw materials with the Halal requirements. This confirms that all the necessary conditions are provided for manufacturing of products in compliance with the norms of Islam, established by the rules of production and sale of Halal products and services.
The production process in compliance with Halal standards was implemented due to strict selection of suppliers of raw components and control of incoming raw materials, with regard to the compliance of the products with Halal requirements, the creation of additional technological processes and production instructions, as well as the introduction of the institution of an authorized person for the control of manufacturing of products according to the Islam requirements. The implementation of all these measures enables to ensure that all OMEGA products marked as Halal comply with all the norms of Islam. This is confirmed by a certificate of one of the most respected organizations in Russia which controls the rules of production and sale of Halal products and service

Certification (HACCP, ISO)
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