Omega Group companies - AGROPRODMASH 2017



Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We look forward to welcoming you at OMEGA’S stand at AGROPRODMASH - 2017, which will take place October 9 -13, 2017in EXPOCENTER Central Exhibition Complex

We will  appreciate your visiting our stand

3 D 30 in pavilion № 3!!!

Our new products:

Meat Department:

Salami Lux (Art. 620075)  - complex blend with a pronounced meaty aroma of bacon.  Recommended for dry-cured and uncooked smoked sausages (small sausages) and delicacies produced from all types of meat including poultry.  


«Blue cheese» sauce (Art. 445415) – traditional mayo sauce with taste and flavor of blue cheese. Perfect for fried chicken wings, French fries and chicken nuggets.  
Portioned cinnamon – 0, 3 g package to add an unforgettable taste and aroma of cinnamon to your cappuccino.

Milk Department:

OMMILK – Т 121 (Art. 270121) – the blend provides an increased yield of curd with 9.0-30% fat content allowing to produce a long-term thermally stable curd product.  The yield equals to 360-800 kg of finished product per 1 ton of  curd blend. Provides friable and grainy structure.  Free from starch and starch-containing products, does not react with iodine. The blend is perfect for candy and bread production.  

We offer a warm welcome and traditional tasting of recipes with OMEGA blends! 

stend 3d30

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 See you soon!