Omega Group companies - IFFA 2016


IFFA 2016

Welcome to the Omega Group stand at an international exhibition of meat industry IFFA 2016.
Location: Germany, Frankfurt on the Main; 7-12 of May, 2016.
Looking forward to seeing you at our stand J 59, hall 4.1

You will have the pleasure of tasting traditional Russian sausage products:
- cooked sausage "Doktorskaya" GOST;
- "Milk" frankfurters GOST;
- smoked sausage "Servelat" GOST.

Key information about the exhibition:
IFFA is number one among other exhibitions devoted to the meat industry Time frame: 7-12 of May, 2016, Frankfurt on the Main

Opening hours:
7 – 11 of May, 2016: 9.00 – 18.00
12 of May, 2016: 9.00 –17.00
Entrance tickets purchase and vouchers exchange
Entrance tickets can be purchased on-line, but not later than 12:00 of the exhibition final day (kindly see the link below):

On-line tickets purchase advantages:
- lower price due to advance booking;
- free public transport (within the Rhine-and-Main tariff area) (RMV);
- no queues.

The vouchers are to be exchanged for entrance tickets in the booking office at the entrance to the exhibition at the latest. Kindly purchase the entrance ticket beforehand.