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We look forward to seeing you at GK Omega’s boothat the “Ingredients Russia” exhibition which will be held February 27- March 2, 2018 inMoscow, IEC Crocus Expo pavilion 3, hall 13, booth 201

Milk Department

Art.  270 406 OMMILK-K  406

A universal complex blend (hereinafter CB) used for production of fermented milk drinks, i.e. kefir, yoghurt, ryazhenka, curdled milk, snezhok and sour cream product. Thickens and stabilizes the consistency of the finished product. Does not react with iodine. Requires no additional dispersion equipment and technological process changes. Allows higher pasteurization temperature. 

Art. 270 913  OMCHEESE-А 913

The CB is used to increase the yield of soft cheese and cheese products (Adygei cheese, spread and block cheese) produced with use of sour milk whey. Allows reducing self-cost due to increased yield of cheese grain. Provides smooth moderately dense structure of the finished product. Requires no alteration of processing methods and no use of dispersion.


ZALMIX sauces in deep pots

ZALMIX range of sauces comprises the most popular flavours, i.e. cheese, barbeque, curry, sweet and sour, ketchup, blue cheese, etc. Due to convenient unit packaging the sauces serve as ultimate products for fast food restaurants, food delivery services and travel nutrition.



Cinnamon packets for coffee

Cinnamon is the most suitable spice for coffee. It imparts excellent taste and aroma to the drink.


Confectionary Department

Art.  998 275  Zephyr blend

The CB allows obtaining beautiful design of zephyr. Facilitates zephyr production process. The obtained product has a dense consistency and stable even structure. 

Art. 998 250 Marmalade blend

The CB is used for production of jelly and formed marmalade. Easy to use. All ingredients are blended simultaneously. Alwaysstablequality!  

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