Omega Group companies - “AUSTRIAN” SEMI-SMOKED SAUSAGE



Name of raw materials, food ingredients, spices and materials: frozen beef trimming (10kg), frozen mechanically deboned meat (10 kg), pork skin emulsion (10kg), boneless pork shoulder (25kg), chicken breast fillet (15 kg), frozen back fat (30kg), water (6l)

"Cervelat Austrian combi" art. 300095 Combined flavoring blend forproduction of all types of semi-smoked and cooked-and-smoked sausage including fine-grain salami and cervelats. Flavor profile: rich flavorous blend bringing out meat flavor with pepper, nutmeg, coriander and cardamom. Dosage: 10g per 1 kg of chop

"Aromaxxx Meaty" art.610056 Additional flavoring blend. Used for production of all types of sausage products and delicacies and chopped semi-products.  Improves flavor profile of meat products produced following the meat raw material substitution recipe and with use of low-grade raw materials. Flavor profile: rich flavorous blend with meat flavor and pepper. Dosage: 3g per 1 kg of chop.

"Ompink color super" art.320580Water-soluble carmine-based colorant. Recommended for sausage products and delicacies. The blend allows obtaining the desired color of the finished product, stable throughout storage. Dosage: 0.5-2g per 1kg. 

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