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Instant sauces
Articul Product name Contents Features
CODE: 110073 Product name: Cheese sauce Cheddar Contents:Bright Cheddar cheese taste. Characteristic:*
CODE: 110075 Product name: Mushroom sauce Contents:Brownish sauce with mushroom taste. Characteristic:*
CODE: 110087 Product name: Sauce Bologna with beef taste Contents:Bright Italian tomato sauce with taste and flavour of fresh tomato combined with basil and beef aroma. Characteristic:*
CODE: 110090 Product name: Sauce Carbonara with shrimps taste Contents:White sauce with creamy taste and bright shrimps flavour. Characteristic:*
CODE: 110094 Product name: Sauce Carbonara Contents:Pale-yellow creamy taste. Characteristic:*
* - Consult with the technologist of OMEGA company.