Natural flavour blends for mayonnaises, ketchups and sauces
Articul Product name Contents Features
CODE: 101101 Product name: Curry Contents:Blend of the natural spices: ginger, chili, paprika and coriander Characteristic:*
CODE: 110604 Product name: Sweet-scented Contents:It is balanced combination of the extracts of onion, chili, garlic and cloves that sets of the tomato taste in a ketchup Characteristic:*
CODE: 110774 Product name: Sauce Pesto Contents:Blend of the natural spices and flavours Characteristic:*
CODE: 111656 Product name: Seasoning: peppers blend Contents:Rich taste of peppers blend. Natural ingredients are included into the composition (chili, red paprika, green paprika, allspice tree) Characteristic:*
CODE: 111658 Product name: Seasoning: red peppers blend Contents:Well - balanced taste of sweet paprika and red hot chili pepper Characteristic:*
CODE: 111677 Product name: Special recipe Contents:It is balanced taste of spice extracts: cloves, nutmeg, paprika, and chili Characteristic:*
* - Consult with the technologist of OMEGA company.