Omega Group companies - PROCESSED CHEESE


Aromatic blends “omega” for processed cheese and cheese products
Articul Product name Contents Dosage Features
CODE: 110027 Product name: Shrimps (with bits of the shrimps) Contents:Shrimps taste with shrimps bits Dosage:10-12 Characteristic:*
CODE: 110392 Product name: Herbs and garlic Contents:Taste and flavour of garlic, dill and parsley with natural spices Dosage:10-12 Characteristic:*
CODE: 110535 Product name: Mushrooms (with bits of mushrooms) Contents:Taste of mushrooms Dosage:10-12 Characteristic:*
CODE: 111029 Product name: Ham (with ham bits) Contents:Ham taste and flavour with ham bites Dosage:4-6 Characteristic:*
CODE: 111058 Product name: Parmesan (with natural cheese powder) Contents:Bright taste and aroma of Parmesan cheese Dosage:6-10 Characteristic:*
CODE: 111063 Product name: Cheese Maasdam (with natural cheese powder) Contents:Taste and aroma of Maasdam cheese with specific sweet note Dosage:4-5 Characteristic:*
CODE: 111416 Product name: Cheese (with natural cheese powder) Contents:Taste and aroma of Gouda cheese. Dosage:4-5 Characteristic:*
CODE: 117458 Product name: Salmon (with salmon bites) Contents:Salmon taste with salmon bites Dosage:4-6 Characteristic:*
* - Consult with the technologist of OMEGA company.