Articul Product name Contents Package Features
CODE: 997003 Product name: Sliced basil Spice Sliced basil Spice Contents:* Package:150 g(1l can) Characteristic:Used in soups, omelettes, salads, vegetable and meat dishes, for preparation of sauces, dressings, seasonings and sandwich oils
CODE: 997006 Product name: Whole cloves Spice Whole cloves Spice Contents:* Package:300 g (1l can) Characteristic:For preparation of poultry, lamb, pork, compotes, stewed vegetables, for pickling mushrooms, vegetables and fish
CODE: 997008 Product name: Whole black pepper packed spice Whole black pepper packed spice Contents:* Package:500g (1l can) Characteristic:A universal seasoning for all types of dishes. Frying intensifies the delicate pepper taste
CODE: 997010 Product name: Whole allspice Whole allspice Contents:* Package:350g (1l can) Characteristic:Added to meat soups, marinades, sauces for meat; a combination of cloves, black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon flavors
CODE: 997013 Product name: Pink pepper packed spice Pink pepper packed spice Contents:* Package:200g (1l can) Characteristic:Pink pepper is commonly added to sauces, salads, seafood, poultry, meat and fish dishes. It is this spice that asparagus is served with in well-known restaurants
CODE: 997018 Product name: Coriander packed spice Coriander packed spice Contents:* Package:300g (1l can) Characteristic:Oil-free frying intensifies the flavor.Added to roasted chicken and pork and salted cabbage and mushrooms. Used in breadmaking (Borodinsky bread) and canning
CODE: 997025 Product name: Ground cinnamon Spice Ground cinnamon Spice Contents:* Package:500 g (1l can) Characteristic:Added to pastry (cakes, Easter cakes, gingerbreads). Works well with lamb, pork and chicken. Used for canning mushrooms, pickling redberries and cranberries and for aromatizing punches, grogs and desserts
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