Omega Group companies - SAUCES FOR COOKING


Articul Product name Contents Dosage Features
CODE: 111070 Product name: Bechamel sauce Contents:* Dosage:100g per 1l of water Characteristic:Classic white cream sauce with a light cheese note. An excellent supplement for fish, chicken and vegetable dishes
CODE: 111072 Product name: Napoli sauce Contents:* Dosage:200g per 1l of water Characteristic:Tomato sauce with a pronounced taste and flavor of sweet ripe tomato shaded by a paprika note with pieces of onion and an aromatic herbs blend. Ideal for spaghetti and meat dishes
CODE: 111089 Product name: Carbonara sauce Contents:* Dosage:225g per 1l of water Characteristic:Classic Italian cream colored sauce with inclusions of parsley, a cheese note and a smoked bacon aftertaste. Ideal for spaghetti, vegetable side dishes and chicken
* - Consult with the technologist of OMEGA company.