Omega Group companies - Extra selected meat and ham products (delicatessen)

Extra selected meat and ham products (delicatessen)

OMEGA multifunctional and combo blends for brines
Articul Product name Contents Dosage Product specification
CODE: 900835 Product name: SchinkenLak Optima Contents:Acidity regulator 451, animal protein, stabilizer 407, jellifying agent 508, antioxidant 301, dextrose, thickener 415 Dosage:20 g/1 lite of brine Characteristic:Recommendations for injections: pork and beef- up to 80%, poultry- up to 60%. The brine contains no taste and flavor component which allows selecting the taste and flavor needed for a specific product. This product allows for the ham output of 200% (made of pork or poultry)
CODE: 900887 Product name: SchinkenLak Ekonom Contents:Soya concentrate, acidity regulator E451, animal protein, stabilizer E407, jellifying agent E508, antioxidant E301, dextrose, thickener E415, defoaming agent E900, anti-caking agent E551 Dosage:35g/1 lite of brine Characteristic:The use of blend provides for: meat injecting up to 100%, tough and heavy texture of the end product, increase of the end product output up to 165-170% ; excellent dry cut of the end product (carrageenan “threads” are missing) due to the soya protein; tailor-made selection of taste;low cost for the multi-functional brine
CODE: 900900 Product name: SchinkenLak 51 Contents:Stabilizers: diphosphate E450, triphosphate E451, carrageenan E407, malto?dextrin, dextrose, salt, flavour enhancer: monoso?dium glutamate E621, anti?oxidant: sodium ascorbate E301, spice extracts Dosage:40 g/1 lite of brine Characteristic:The functional part is based on phos­phates, water-retaining components, sugar derivatives and colour stabilizer. It is combined with flavour composition that gives stable and rich taste and aroma (pepper, garlic, paprika, etc.) to the finished prod­uct. Recommended for all types of extra selected (delicatessen) meat prod­ucts of beef, pork and poultry with the yield of 115-135% and restructured cased ham with the yield up to 150%
OMEGA flavour blends for brine making
Articul Product name Contents Dosage Product specification
CODE: 110434 Product name: Seasoning with taste and flavor of cold pork Contents:Rich flavored spice blend intensifying the meat flavor with flavor of meat with garlic and pepper Dosage:5 g/1 kg Characteristic:Taste profile
CODE: 610059 Product name: Aromaxxx meat multi-purpose Contents:Bacon flavor. A rich blend with pepper and a light garlic note Dosage:1-3 g/1 kg Characteristic:Recommendations for use: for all types of delicacies made of pork and restructured ham. Enriches the end product with a delicate flavor of meat with touch of spices. Also used for sausage products
CODE: 900710 Product name: AromaXXX 2000 Contents:Rich flavored spice blend intensifying the meat flavor, with pepper and garlic and a smoked ham note Dosage:3-5 g/1 kg Characteristic:Recommended for ham and extra selected (delicatessen)products as well as semi-smoked sausages
CODE: 900750 Product name: Aroma Perfect Contents:Rich flavored spice blend with pepper, cardamon and garlic Dosage:3 g/1 kg Characteristic:A delicate taste of ham with touch of pepper, garlic, cardamom. It goes optimally with OMEGA functional and multifunctional blends for brines