Omega Group companies - Liquid marinades of “OMEGA”

Liquid marinades of “OMEGA”

Liquid marinades of “OMEGA”
Articul Product name Contents Dosage Product specification
CODE: 191702 Product name: Maritsa Chili Maritsa Chili Contents:Rich spicy blend with chili pepper, paprika and a finishing garlic note Dosage:60-80 g/kg Characteristic:Colour: bright red.Its flavour profile is traditionally preferred for the products made of pork, poultry meat, mutton, as well as fish semi-products for grill and barbecue
CODE: 191732 Product name: Garlic Maritsa with herbs Garlic Maritsa with herbs Contents:Piquant blend with garlic, marjoram, parsley and tomato notes Dosage:60-80 g/kg Characteristic:Colour: orange. The marinade flavors the meat with fresh herbs and piquant garlic taste. An ideal solution for all types of semi-finished products for grill and products made of various types of meat and fish
CODE: 191740 Product name: Maritsa Seville Maritsa Seville Contents:Spicy flavored blend with garlic and pepper Dosage:60-80 g/kg Characteristic:Colour: green.The herbs-based marinade with spices makes the taste of the finished product tender and delicate.It is recommended for producing all types of batched and small-sized semi-products from beef, pork, mutton, poultry and fish