Omega Group companies - “OMEGA” functional dry marinades

“OMEGA” functional dry marinades

“Omega” functional dry marinades
Articul Product name Contents Dosage Product specification
CODE: 160250 Product name: Coffee Contents:Blend of spices with pepper, mustard, coriander, parsley, basil and yoghurt flavor Dosage:10-30 g/kg Characteristic:Color: white with some impurities of herbs.For the production of lumped semi-finished beef, pork and poultry for baking and stewing.
CODE: 290008 Product name: Altaian Contents:Delicate blend with redberry, cinnamon, paprika, garlic and pepper Dosage:31 kg + 54 kg of water + 15 kg of butter Characteristic:Color: orange with inclusions.For semi-finished meat products. Provides quick pickling, optimal appearance of the finished product, extension of shelf life and increased yield of up to 20%.
CODE: 290018 Product name: Caucasian recipe Contents:Piquant blend with paprika, pepper, onion, tomato, garlic and chili Dosage:15 g/kg Characteristic:Recommended for all types of kebabs and ragout, especially from pork and beef.
CODE: 290060 Product name: Sonata Contents:Rich flavored blend of pepper, onion, paprika, mustard and carrot. Dosage:1, 7 kg +15 L of water per100 kg of meat Characteristic:Color: light-yellow with spicesVery tasty! It is universal for diced semi-finished products of meat and fish.