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Products free from E numbers

Products free from E numbers
Articul Product name Contents Product specification
CODE: 160801 Product name: Eco Marispice Bombay Contents:Noble notes of cloves, cinnamon and ginger with spices Characteristic:*
CODE: 160802 Product name: Eco Marispice Berry Symphony Contents:Berry notes with inclusions of black currant and mint Characteristic:*
CODE: 160803 Product name: Eco Marispice Tanduri Contents:Noble ginger flavor with notes of cinnamon, lemon and cumin Characteristic:*
CODE: 160804 Product name: Eco Marispice Flavoring herbs Contents:Rich taste and flavor of spices: parsley, dill, thyme, basil and onion Characteristic:*
CODE: 160808 Product name: Eco Marispice Pepper-lemon Contents:A combination of lemon notes with pepper. Inclusions of coarse grained pepper impart a pungent flavor Characteristic:*
* - Consult with the technologist of OMEGA company.