Omega Group companies - Semi-smoked and smoked-and-cooked sausages

Semi-smoked and smoked-and-cooked sausages

OMEGA flavour blends (combo) for semi-smoked and smoked-and-cooked sausages
Articul Product name Contents Dosage Product specification
CODE: 400430 Product name: Moscovskaya Smoked Combi
Contents:Rich flavored blend with pepper, nutmeg and cardamon Dosage:10 g/kg Characteristic:Bright and distinctly recognizable flavour for the product of the same name
CODE: 600250 Product name: Hunter's sausages traditional Combi
Contents:Rich blend with pepper and garlic Dosage:4 g/kg Characteristic:An expressive flavour with savoury garlic note makes classical blend for semi-smoked and smoked sausages of small caliber
CODE: 600300 Product name: Krakauer original Combi
Contents:Rich spice blend with coriander, ginger and a pepper note Dosage:6.5 g/kg Characteristic:Recommended for all types of semi-smoked sausage with a pronounced taste and flavor, including large diameter ham sausage in casing
CODE: 600400 Product name: Cervelat traditional Combi
Contents:Delicate flavored blend with nutmeg, cardamon and pepper Dosage:5 g/kg Characteristic:The blend has a vivid and distinctly recognizable taste. It is well suited for semi-smoked and smoked sausages with fine-grained texture
CODE: 700200 Product name: Semi-smoked Polish Combi
Contents:Spicy blend with coriander, pepper and a finishing caraway note, with coarse grained pepper Dosage:8 g/kg Characteristic:Strong and sound classical Austrian taste for smoked and semi-smoked sausages including those in big-diameter casings

Recommended for making meat products following the traditional technologies.

Recommended for making meat products following recipes based on meat raw materials and meat substitution up to 20%.

Recommended for making meat products following the recipes based on/containing lower-grade raw materials including mechanically deboned poultry and meat substitution from 20% to 50%

Recommended for making meat products following the recipes that correspond to "Halal" requirements to production technologies and used raw material.